We recommend that you replace the impeller in your Rainman Watermaker system at least once per year.
Even though your impeller may last several years – preventative maintenance is always better than corrective maintenance!… and it’s always a good idea to carry a spare!

Replace the HP pump access port cover


Remove the prefilter clear housing to gain access to the impeller pump

Remove the face plate of the impeller pump to gain access to the impeller

Impeller Replacement

1. Remove the impeller by using either a Jabsco Impeller Removal Tool or Channel Lock pliers to grip the hub of the impeller.
NOTE: Don’t use screwdrivers as they may damage the face of the pump body and cause leaks

2. Insert Replacement impeller by hand, then replace cover.

3. Disgard old impeller, then start up system to confirm that the lift pump is pulling water into the pre-filter assembly. You are all done! (Now, dont forget to replace the spare!)

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