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Step 1

Select Your

Pressure Supply Unit

What is a PSU?

PSU stands for Pressure Supply Unit and is ‘part one’ of the two part system that makes up the complete rainman watermaker. The PSU draws water from the source (i.e ocean), prefilters and pressurises the water prior to sending it on to the membranes – which is ‘part two’ of the system that will be selected in the next step.

How To Choose Your PSU

The primary factor used to select your PSU is your available power onboard.
115 V or 230 V PSU’s are by far the most popular selection and requires nothing more than a small portable generator or larger to operate (such as the honda EU2000 or EU20). If you have this AC power, it is recommended that you opt for the AC PSU. The AC PSU is compatible with all membranes up to 37GPH
The Gasoline PSU requires no external power at all, so is ideal for vessels that have no source of power, or owners looking for a truly portable desalination system. The system is operated from its onboard Honda 4 Stroke engine, so gasoline will be required for operation.
The 12 V DC PSU requires Batteries & Solar/Wind to provide 33Amps / 400Watts of power for operation – this is a lower output system with a maximum capability of 7-9 GPH

Can I Install The PSU?

Yes! – The AC and DC PSU’s come both in a Portable or Naked configuration. The Naked systems come complete with a comprehensive installation hardware package, where the portable systems come complete with high impact polyethylene casings.
You can also remove the casing of the portable system if you choose to install at a later date, and vice versa – the installed version can be added to a case to convert to a fully portable system

Click The PSU That Best Works For You Below To Continue....

115V (USA) Pressure Supply Unit


230V (EURO) Pressure Supply Unit


12V DC Pressure Supply Unit


115V (USA) Pressure Supply Unit


230V (Europe) Pressure Supply Unit


12V DC Pressure Supply Unit


Gasoline Pressure Supply Unit


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